Get Gift-Plus eligible gift giveaway from casino

  • Look out for your free gift with the “Gift Plus” logo on it
  • Come to the casino on the day of the giveaway to pick up your gift
  • Peel-off the sticker on the box of the gift and reveal your winning coupon code.

Redeem Coupon Code online

  • Enter the coupon code revealed on your sticker in the box above
  • The Shopping Points from that code will be deposited into your account
  • Continue to collect more stickers to add even more Shopping Points into your account!

Shop for

  • Go to the Products page by clicking the link below
  • Search or browse by category, item name or even by point range to find the gift you are looking for
  • Use your Shopping Points you’ve accumulated to buy the perfect gift! Products will be delivered directly to your door with FREE shipping!

We are excited to welcome you to the Gift Plus rewards program offered to you exclusively by Twin River Casino!

  • Gift Plus rewards you for your loyalty to our casino.
  • In addition to the free gift giveaway you are eligible for, you will also receive a peel-off sticker on select gift giveaways.
  • Gift Plus stickers are identified by this logo: on eligible gift giveaways.
  • Your peel-off sticker will reveal a coupon that will be of a surprise value each time.
  • Use the website to create an account or sign into an existing account you’ve made already.
  • Deposit your new coupon and continue to accumulate Shopping Points into your account.
  • Once you are ready, shop for the perfect gift.

For any frequently asked questions please click the link below. To browse our gifts please check out our rewards catalog link to your right.